Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What a running year!

I just recently finished a 25K trail race in Owen Sound and this coincided with the anniversary of my first time running.
During the past year I think I have completed 20 races including my first Marathon and 50K within 1 month of each other.
I've been so lucky this past year and have made some amazing friends along the way. Some I have been able to keep in contact with and others I have not but each person who I have met has left a lasting impression on me.
Since January I have been fortunate enough to do nutrition talks at the Running Room in Pickering and Whitby. The Running Room has become my "Mecca" and is a place where I love to stop by and talk with the friendly staff there including Nancy, Theresa and Maureen.
I recently started to instruct a Learn to Run clinic which will prepare the participants for a 5K run to support the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. The race will be held on Sunday October 1st. It was an amazing experience to meet all the new runners on Monday. Some have had running experience while others have never attempted to run.
It's still amazes me to think that I was in the exact same position as most of the people in the clinic and now I am teaching them about running.
For those of you who have never experienced the thrill of running, I urge you to give it a try. Go to your local Running Room and the knowledgeable staff there will recommend the best shoe for you.
Running has surely changed my life and I hope that it has the same effect on you.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A success story!

I recently was working with someone who was about to complete her first triathlon. Here is what she had to say:

"I’m sooo glad I found Greg D’Cruz! When I started working with Greg I weighed 153lbs and was a size 12. Now, after many ups and downs, I finally got strict with myself and WOW it has worked. I currently weigh 142 lbs and have dropped 4 dress sizes, seven more pounds left for my 135lb goal.

Recently, I competed in my very first Sprint Triathlon. Thanks to Greg’s awesome nutrition program, I felt strong, energetic and mentally focused throughout the course of the race. Not once did I feel the “muscle burn” sensation characteristic during prolonged exercise. After the race, I did not experience the typical feelings of fatigue, nor did I experience delayed onset of muscle soreness the following two days after my race.

The nutritional guideline he provided was easy to follow and 100% accurate in manipulating my energy stores needed for extended bouts of aerobic activity.

I will defiantly recommend anyone to contact Greg for nutritional advice. Whether your goal is weight loss or competition focused, Greg’s expertise, patience and approach will cater to your specific needs. He did with me and for that I am truly grateful."

Thanks again, in health and fitness
Jesse R