Wednesday, October 08, 2008

It's been a long and winding season

My training started in November of 2007. I wanted to accomplish a few goals as I entered the 2008 Ontario Ultra Series. My main goal was to complete my first 50 Mile trail race in April. My second goal was to compete in as many of the 50K and longer trail races as possible. These are a gruelling set of 13 races that start in April and end in October. These races not only test your ability to run long distances but also they test your ability to do these races every other weekend which doesn't allow much time for your body to fully recover.

Last season I didn't do very many trail races as I opted to do more road races instead. 2008 would be a return to the type of races that I love the most.

The training was difficult and challenged me more mentally than physically but by the time April arrived I was ready for the challenge of doing my first 50 Mile race. I was able to complete that race and then my goals suddenly changed. Instead of just doing what I wanted to do, I was talked into trying my first 100 mile race in May. Unfortunately I wasn't able to fully complete that race (I stopped after 69 miles) but this allowed me to re-focus my attention on the rest of the season.

From May to September I completed another 6 Ultra races. This included doing some races where I had to run as many miles as possible in 6 hours.

Last weekend I completed another 50K race and next Saturday I will be doing my last OUS 50K race of the season.

All in all, I have completed 9 out of the 13 races and ran 69 miles in the only race that I didn't complete (LOL). My body is starting to feel the effects of all the pounding as my knees, shins and feet are in need of some serious rest.

I thank you all for all the support you have given me this past season. Next year a group of friends and I will attempt to complete our first 100 mile race. I'm hoping that if I can focus all of my attention this off-season to that race, I will be more successful than my last attempt.